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The features and performance of our glass are simply revolutionary. This is as a result of seek the best products and the latest technological advances. There have been huge developments over the past 12months, and we have ensured we are at the forefront. Our experienced team can offer you not only the latest market-leading products, but also expert guidance to assist in making the choice that is best for you.


Acoustic glass

Acoustic glass utilises different glass thicknesses in two panes, this greatly reduces exterior noises. This is a popular choice for people who live on main roads or near airports.

Self-cleaning glass

Self–cleaning glass is one of the recent advances in glass technology. It features a titanium dioxide coating resulting in a very smooth surface. This makes it very hard for any dirt to stick to and causes water to sheet down washing off the majority (hydrophilic action). UV filters integrated within the surface coating, break down organic material such as bird droppings, dust etc. This makes self-cleaning glass an ideal choice for conservatory roofs.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is mainly used to enhance the security properties of standard glass. It is more costly than toughened or standard glass, but its properties make it an almost impenetrable defence against intrusion.


Toughened glass is the main choice where safety is the objective. It is safer and stronger than standard glass. When broken it shatters into thousands of tiny fragments similar to that of a car windscreen. We fit toughened glass as standard as standard on all doors and any windows below 80cm (2 2/3 ft) from floor height, this is a requirement to meet current building regulations.

Thermal Performance

The performance of some modern glass is outstanding. We are able to provide ‘A’ rated glass rather than the ‘C’ rated we use as standard. The idea behind thermal glass is to retain as much heat in your property as possible – we mainly use Saint Gobain glass. The company invest heavily every year into developing products to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. We believe Saint Gobain are the market leaders in the glass industry.

Sun reflection/heat retention

Various coatings can be added to glass to reflect direct sunlight, reduce glare and retain valuable heat, making them a popular choice for conservatory roofs. There are numerous options depending on budget. Low e glass is used as standard at no extra cost.


Our glass is completely neutral and offers superior thermal performance. It also allows in more sunlight.

There are a range of different glass types, and choosing the most suitable option can often be a confusing and difficult decision. Most of the above can be used in various combinations to provide you with the most suitable product however and our dedicated experts can provide you with free impartial advice to aid you in your choice.

Decorative glass

There are numerous decorative finishes available including obscure, stained and leaded with glass diamonds. Obscure glass offers privacy and style throughout the home but there are many different styles available.

There are many leaded glass options and we can even provide a custom design – why not get your house name or number designed in to the glass above the door for example!